Southside Carwash offers a variety of services.

Washing Prep

  • 2 rug beaters
  • 4 vacuums


  • 1 touchless automatic carwash
  • 4 self-serve bays

Touchless Automatic Details

The touchless automatic carwash brings the best technology to bear on your car’s dirt and grime:

  • only soft, hot (120 degree) water used
  • SideBlaster technology (12 rotating zero-degree nozzles) along with two under-carriage jets effectively peel away dirt and grime on rocker panels, wheel wells, and the underside of every vehicle
  • RainMaker Touchless Automatic features 9 rotating nozzles delivering cleansing power at 1200 psi
  • quality chemicals selected to deliver the best result for each stage of the wash
  • spot-free rinse uses soft water run through a reverse osmosis system to remove all minerals that normally cause water spots.

Self-serve Bay Details

  • Foaming wheel & tire cleaner
  • Foaming pre-soak
  • Foaming Bye-bye Bug Remover
  • Foaming Mag Away (to remove winter-time salt)
  • Clear Coat Conditioner
  • Bubble Brush
  • Air Shammee air dryer